During my tenure as an executive board member with the Residence Hall Association at Eastern Washington University, I had several opportunities to design media for different student events. I've selected a few to display below.
This graphic was created to encourage students during finals week. It was well received and shared by several official university social media pages. It was a fun way for me to practice vector art and also reach out to my student peers.
This poster was created to advertise Hall Wars to residential students on campus at Eastern Washington University The poster was distributed within residence halls. The event was well attended in part to our advertising efforts through posters and word of mouth. 
This graphic was created to advertise a Tie Diversity event. Due to time constraints, the graphic was only posted to our social media outlets. We were able to get a great turnout through social media advertising efforts and word of mouth. The text was hand lettered and then vectored by me. I also made the tie dye background.
This poster was created to advertise a collaborative event between the Residence Hall Association and the University Recreation Center at Eastern Washington University. It was posted in hallways and also delivered to students as handbills. With physical advertising, digital advertising, and word of mouth we were able to get a great turnout for this event. I chose to use the fonts designated for sporting events in our university style guide so the graphic would attract sports fans.
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