Artist and Lecture Series - Lydia Brown
News Article for The Challenge Newspaper
By Sarah Colerick
The Multicultural and Education Team at the Tacoma Community College (TCC) Office of Student Engagement is proud to bring Lydia Brown to the TCC campus. Lydia Brown is a well known community activist focusing on violence against multiply-marginalized disabled people, such as LGBTQ, poor, undocumented, and people of color groups within the disability community. 
Please join the Office of Student Engagement in the Building 11 Student Center on October 20th at 9:30AM to listen to Lydia Brown talk about their work which focuses on the under-prosecution of hate crimes against disabled people. This is a free event provided by the Office of Student Engagement to TCC students, staff, and the wider community.
In an about page posted by Autistic Hoya, Lydia describes themselves as “autistic, disabled, and proud”. Outside of their work in “radical disability justice and disability policy”, Lydia writes literary fiction and participates in text-based roleplay and collaborative writing. In their about page on Autistic Hoya, Lydia says “I am particularly fond of making my characters' lives suck.” They also love Ethiopian food and enjoy posting pictures of themselves petting random cats and dogs on the internet. In the Autistic Hoya article, Lydia clarifies that these photos are captioned, so their “blind and low vision friends can also be subjected to my furry and foodie obsessions!” 

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